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When health challenges occur, more and more people are turning to the Web find out how others are dealing with similar challenges. However, search engines such as Google and Bing do not provide the ability for users to search only patient/caregiver generated content. WhatPatientsSay addesses this problem by identifying all sources of user generated content, ordering this information by health topic, and allowing users to easily search this content. WhatPateintsSay more effectively connects users with practical health information and wisdom of others.

Search your symptoms - When your symptoms are difficult to diagnose or treat, search your symptoms and find out what others have experienced.

Find treatments - Are you getting the right treatments available to you? What side effects are others experiencing? Search your condition and find out the opinions of others.

Learn from others - Read about symptoms, treatments, and experiences from people like you.

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Contact us by email at contact@WhatPatientsSay.com